We are located at: 1618 W Main Street Richmond, VA 23220

At our Coffee Bar we feature our most popular coffees, freshly brewed just for you!

Conveniently located in the Fan, just blocks from VCU, our full-service coffee bar offers drip-brewed coffee, hot tea, chai, espresso, cappuccino, and a range of lattes. Stop in and try one of our Specialty Lattes, such as the Amish Walrus (butterscotch and chocolate) or the Soulless Narwhal (gingerbread and coconut). We have plenty of flavored syrups on hand, so you are sure to find something that both surprises and delights.

We open early Monday through Friday, 8:00 am, just for you morning commuters. Our coffee is not only the freshest possible, but it is prepared quickly so you can still get to work on time without sacrificing quality. You can also pick up a freshly baked pastry from Montana Gold. So start your day off right, with just one quick stop at Rostov’s Coffee & Tea.